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We are specialist in the world’s most precious Natural Substance known as “Shilajit”.Our Team based in The Himalayas are serving humanity since 1981.Our experts travels several days to reach High altitude mountains of Himalayas in order to harvest Raw shilajit for Us.This raw substance is then Purified / Processed using ancient methods. No artificial color or Flavor is added.

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Herbs are Plants used for food, flavor ,medicine or fragrances.Herbs have a variety of uses including culinary, medicinal, and in some cases, spiritual.Daily use of herbs are recomended to overcome plenty of health issues,click below to learn more

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Shilajit is Raw substance rearly Found in the High altitude mountain ranges of Himalayas. It is used as super food supplement since 1000s of years. Shilajit is said to be combination of various precious minerals and vitamins. Click below to learn more


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“Since 1980 we have been serving Humanity.Below is what Our customer say about us..

“Bought shilajit from Natural herbs shop for skin problems & mental Health,worked great on me, My skin looks really shiny and fresh,i  feel more energatic and relaxed”

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Anna Johnson

“This product is really good for men health,solved all my problems from body pain to sexual health.Use it as in daily diet and feel the magic”

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Adam Schulz

“Natural herbs shop served my Dad with shilajit,it removed all his knee pain,his blood sugar level seems to in control,HIghly recommended for age factors”

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Adam Astier


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