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We are dealers of Shilajit based in The Himalayas Since 1980.Our product are Fresh Promised to be of best Quality.Below are Famous methods to check Quality or Purity of Shilajit.

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How To Check Purity Of Shilajit?

Our product is tested and certified by Government department before sale.For information about How To Check Purity Of Shilajit? Please follow any of follow steps.

  • Pliability  Melts in your hands becoming gooey and sticky (takes about 3mins). Alternately, if you place it in the refrigerator to cool, it will become very hard and shatter like glass . If you try this, be sure to encase it in a plastic bag so you don’t make a mess or lose bits of your valuable supplement! Pure shilajit will always hold its form and not separate into clumps.
  •  Solubility – Dissolves completely in warm water or warm milk creating a black golden or reddish black liquid.This process take 5mins.If there is anything added you will be able to spot it at shilajit from natural herbs shop
  •  Flame – Will not light on fire or burn like a candle. Heat shilajit with a mini blow torch. It will bubble and produce an ash that emanates outwards. But it WILL NOT BURN.

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We Collect ,Process and ship Our Product (Pure Himalayan Shilajit by Natural Herbs Shop) Direct From Gilgit-baltistan Pakistan,We Do not have any sort of legal agreement with any individual or a company permitting him/them to sale the product on our behalf. When buying please make sure that you are buying it from Natural Herbs Shop™ checkout. Moreover we Do not have any Warehouse/Storage Capacity In UK or any other Country else than Pakistan.Please be safe from Fake products.

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